At Elmvale Community Church you’ll find regular, ordinary people who serve an incredible, extraordinary God. We are trying to live our lives in the way God designed life to be lived. Join us! Everyone is welcome and everyone fits!

Check out our latest sermons below:

November 12, 2017 – 100% Not Yours!

We are used to thanking God for a meal, but what about your pay cheque?  What about your health?  What about the fact that you get to live where you live?  A thankful heart realizes that everything in life is a gift of God.


November 5, 2017 – Affluenza vs. Contentment

Gary Thomas says in his book “Authentic Faith”, “Contentment is nothing more than ‘soul rest.’ It is satisfaction, peace, assurance, and a sense of well-being that is cultivated by pursuing the right things. Instead of more power, more money, more pleasure and more control… we seek an abundance of grace and peace.

I love that: Contentment is soul rest. As Christians, we are not called towards affluenza – a pursuit of more; but to soul rest an abundance of grace and peace. Affluenza is a pursuit. Soul rest is a gift.