ECC desires to be a people of action, seeking opportunities to serve, bringing a tangible hope locally and around the world for Jesus’ sake.  (Off the pew, giving hope)


Off The Pew

Followers of Jesus do not just connect and have a relationship with God for one day a week – Sunday.

Do our Spiritual lives during the week prove this?

The Bible says it should.  God wants His people to be just like Jesus, changing the world as He did.  Our goal is to be like Christ and to bring His life wherever we go through the power of His Spirit.

That being said, Sunday worship is a time to reflect, pray, repair, refocus and celebrate what God has done during the previous 6 days together as a local body of followers.



Our culture is about taking, selling and stealing to get ahead of the person next to us.

As believers, are we giving to benefit those who are not part of our congregation?  Our faith demands it!

Jesus came to serve and to give.  We believe serving and giving is about seeking; seeking opportunities to offer ourselves inside and outside of the church.

As the Body of Christ, as imitators of Jesus, we seek to help and give, to benefit others not just ourselves.



Yes we are to be ready to share the Hope that lies within us, Jesus Christ – a Hope, that encourages, rescues, builds, and brings clarity today, right now … an active Christ if you will.

That comes in word but also in deed and in action.  Having the Hope of Christ is to be lived out daily.  You cannot have Christ and not live and exude hope.

A believer IS hope… a tangible expression of Jesus!