Missions & Outreach

Missions @ ECC
ECC actively supports missions using the Great Commission’s challenge to make disciples as our guideline. In each of the four gospels and in Acts, we are called to make disciples, baptise and teach them.  We are called to do that close to home, a little ways away, far away and to the ends of the earth.  At ECC we are striving to make sure that the missions we support align geographically with what the Bible instructs.  We are also striving to involve ECC’ers more in outreach and missions; starting in 2018, ECC will plan a mission trip for the Sr. High Adamant Youth and we will continue offering mission trips to various locations each year following that. Stay tuned for opportunities to support outreach and missions locally and globally!
Here is what ECC is currently doing in terms of outreach and missions support:

Local (Huronia)

  • Adamant Youth Group – ECC’s youth ministry open to students grades 6-12
  • Christmas Eve Outdoor service – Elmvale town square
  • Community Freezer – coming soon!
  • Operation October 31st – Halloween fun and games in the park
  • Sharewear – a free clothing store located in Elmvale
  • Small Group actively praying for guidance and opportunities to reach out to Midland, ON
  • Soccer Camp – every summer for one week in Elmvale
  • Vision Ministries Canada – Church Planting in our Region

A little ways away (Ontario)

Far Away (Canada)

Ends of the Earth (Globally)