Servant Leadership

Clearly the concept of strong servant leadership is thoroughly Biblical, but who are called to be our spiritual leaders?  The Bible teaches unmistakably that it is up to overseers (elders) to “take care of God’s church” (1 Timothy 3:5) and “direct the affairs of the church” (1 Timothy 5:17).  You’ll notice that the Bible always refers to overseers in the plural, which indicates their commitment to team leadership.  Never do we see one lone ranger at the peak of the power pyramid in biblical church leadership.  That spot is reserved for Jesus.  This is why at ECC we consider our “Pastor” to be a fellow overseer with the main responsibilities of teaching and equipping.

Each of our overseers at ECC is responsible for overseeing some area of ministry and is free to give specific guidance to that work.  Larger decisions are made as a team through our regular board meetings.  Overall, the overseers are responsible for such things as vision, values, teaching, equipping, leading, encouraging, and communication to the ECC family.


Office Adminstrator: Margaret Rose

Our Leadership Team:

Worship Leader: Vacant

Overseer of Teaching & Equipping: Pastor Stephen Weenink

Overseer of Adult Ministry:  Jason Covey

Overseer of Children & Youth Ministry: Roy Rogers

Overseer of Outreach & Evangelism: Joanne Pring

Overseer of Spiritual Life: Mike Kitzman

Overseer of Missions: Erin Simons